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Many users of CBD products don’t know the efficacy of these products on animals. Every mammal has a set of endocannabinoid receptors targeted at interacting with several processes. 

There are similarities with how pets break down and absorb compounds, making CBD oil a great fit for their health. 

With pet CBD oil, you could achieve healthier living for your dog without hassle. And at OhBeyond, lots of pet CBD products are available for your selection convenience. 

But before your shopping spree, there’s one question you need to ask – why does my pet need CBD oil? After this, you’ll know why your pet needs CBD oils without hassle. 


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Why Does My Pet Need CBD Oil?

As stated above, your pet has an ECS system that interacts with CBD just like a human does. And there are several reasons why your pet needs CBD oil. Here are some of these reasons:


Anxiety reduction

Treating anxiety is a major focus of pet owners. Your dogs or cats could be overboard with their reactions in certain situations. But with CBD oils for pets, you can easily get this corrected.


Pain relief

CBD has several properties targeted at pain relief. If your pet is recovering from an injury or has some digestive trouble, these oils could be the solution. 



CBD has high potency against reducing inflammation in humans and pets alike. If you’re sure your pet is suffering from irritation, a topical or tincture application could do the trick. 


Different Concentrations of Pet CBD Oil for Different Sized Animals

CBD oils usually come in a range of concentrations ranging from 250mg – 1000mg. Your pet could vary in size, meaning there’s a chance of each concentration having too little or too much efficacy. 

You can administer CBD oil in different ways. Most pet CBDs come as tinctures and edible treats. Consider visiting your vet before administering CBD to your pet. 

Your vet will take the pet’s weight and other factors into consideration before recommending a dosage.   


Why Choose CBDfx for My Pet CBD Oil?

There are thousands of products made with CBD as the main component. Not all of these products come with the same quality, making standard selection tricky for some buyers.

When you’re keen on quality oil for your pet, your choice has to be from a respected brand. 

CBDfx is a brand that has a focus on producing pure CBD oils. Oils used in making CBDfx products are direct extracts from hemp plants grown in an organic manner. 

The hemp used in the CBDfx oil-making process is grown entirely in America under strict quality standards. 

CBDfx pet oils come from clean extraction processes reliant on supercritical CO2. Also, products from CBDfx don’t contain any harsh solvents or toxic chemicals. 

CBDfx has a massive collection of products for humans, and we follow similar standards for our pet options too. Natural ingredients are leveraged to make CBDfx pet oils. 

Independent testing is one of our major strengths as a respected CBD brand. A slew of lab results are always available from a third-party facility. With this information, you can easily get relevant info on our products’ purity and efficacy potential.

CBDfx is resolute when it comes to producing quality oils your pet will benefit from the most. 

Your cat or dog needs a pure tincture for increased efficacy and better health.  That’s why our organic products derived from hemp make up the bulk of products we have on sale. 

Our cat and dog CBD oils go through standard extraction similar to human options. And with our oils having less than 0.1% THC, there’s no chance of having a light-headed pet. 

All these make administering pet CBD from CBDfx more confident. Your pet will never get intoxicated, making sure they remain in a healthy, stable state. 

And just like our CBD products for people, pet CBD oils contain only CBD and MCT oils. 

Buyers keen on checking out more information before buying these oils need not be troubled. Batch reports from independent sources will help you see how pure your preferred pet CBDs are.


Could you use CBD oil for your lovely pets each day?

Yes, of course. There are some reasons why you need to give this oil to your pets. The most crucial reason is that CBD can not be psychoactive. Other CBD oils could not contain THC.

So, the pet can not be addicted to it; it will not take a “high” with CBD oil. The dog can relax for a while. The next reason is the effectiveness of treating some disorders and even stress. 

Next, the third reason is the protection the oil could offer for the anxious system. The better outcome from the recent research proves that CBD oil can be good to implement for an extended period of time.

Therefore, you need to test if your lovely pet is getting some medications, and you should ask the doctor for extra advice before taking this CBD oil. 

A lot of pet owners are taking it for themselves and their cute pets, due to the particular advantages. Moreover, you need to remember one vital thing such as the appropriate amount of dose. When it comes to the dog’s well-being, you want a suitable amount of CBD oil. It is important for your pet to take the most advantages of oil.

The dosage might be calculated based on the dog’s size and weight. For instance, a smaller dog of 8 kg weight might use 5 drops of CBD oil for a day. Between 10 and 25 kg, even called medium-sized dogs, it is highly suggested to use from 5 to 10 drops for a day, and for huge dogs weighing over 25 kg are suggested approximately 12 drops for a day.  


Final Word

There are so many gains available when it comes to CBD pet oils. Leveraging the info this piece provides will help you maintain your pets’ overall wellbeing. 

And at, we have a collection of pet products your dog or cat needs.