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CBD is cannabidiol and it is a phytocompound of cannabis plants. CBD can come from hemp or from sativa, with the latter having more THC. It is essential that you know where the oil came from and that there is zero THC in it. Dogs cannot have THC. It is toxic to them, even in low doses because it can slowly build-up in their systems. THC toxicity in dogs can cause seizures and even death. This is an extremely dangerous situation for your dog and should be avoided at all costs.

This said, CBD is actually very safe for your dog, provided it is only CBD. You’ll want to use lower doses, such as a 250mg bottle. They don’t metabolize things the same way that we do and don’t need as much for most issues that humans do.

Endocannabinoid system in Dogs

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like we do. Cannabinoids enter their system and seek the ECS to bond to. Just as it does in humans, a lipid is formed and moves into their neural network, coating the pathways with a protective coating, slowing down the effects of aging on memory.

Dogs to get dementia and become forgetful in old age, just as we do. They also get aches and pains, arthritis, diabetes and the like. We share many of the same medical issues that become part of aging.

Luckily, we also share the same system (ECS) that allows us to process cannabinoids to help with aches and pains, symptoms of autoimmune disease and chronic conditions. The more that these things impact our lives, the poorer the quality of life and the worse our moods become. This is also impactful to our best friends with wagging tails that suddenly don’t wag as much.

CBD for dogs can be used topically if they have a skin condition. Muscle and joint pain can be alleviated by either a topical product or an ingested oil. There are now products made especially for dogs. You can be sure that they won’t have THC in them, and that the dosage is right for you dog by purchasing treats and oils made specifically for them. There are even dog foods made with CBD oil infused in them too.

Things we should know about CBD for dogs

1. Use a dog treat or oil made for dogs that has CBD in it and you’ll never have to be concerned if the oil you are giving them is THC-free and safe. You can find these online and in some pet stores. If you don’t see the products, ask if they carry them.


2. Dogs can take CBD to help with seizures, anxiety, arthritis, joint pain associated with hip or elbow dysplasia, aggression issues, glaucoma, Cushing’s disease, irritable bowel, gastrointestinal issues, and more. CBD is a good supplement to take at all times, even there are no outward symptoms. The antioxidants in CBD may help slow tumor growth and even deter cancer from starting to begin with. In laboratory studies, tumors in mice shrank while being given large doses of CBD oil.


3. CBD can be used in conjunction with training to help dogs overcome anxiety issues, separation anxiety and fear. Training should always be used in conjunction so that you are actually working to resolve the underlying issues. CBD Is not addictive so you can stop using it at any time without fear of withdrawals or illness associated with taking your dog off the CBD.

That means that when training has resolved issues, you may stop the CBD if you choose to. There are also no ill side-effects from using CBD oil. If you give them too much, they may get loose stool. Stop using CBD for a day or two and then begin again with a smaller dose. Slowly increase the dose and you won’t see the issue reappear in most cases.


4. CBD is so safe that it can be given to children. There is no fear of hurting your dog by giving them CBD oil. In fact, most prescription medications that are prescribed will do far more damage in the long run than CBD ever will. You won’t have to worry about harming their kidneys, causing stomach upset, or even giving them a highly addictive treatment for their issues.


5. CBD can now be purchased in all 50 states. Many websites carry dog specific treats. All mammals have an ECS and can benefit from the use of CBD oil. For that reason, you may be surprised to also find horse treats, goat treats, cat treats and more.


6. We know that CBD has been around for at least 6000 years in the form of hemp. Humans stored hemp in pottery which was found and dated back to that period of time. Writings in China have shown us that hemp was used as an herbal remedy as far back as 3000 years ago. There has been no evidence of hemp ever harming anyone.

It’s a renewable resource that will grow from seed to fully-grown plant in a matter of a couple of months. This makes it a wonderful choice for many things besides herbal remedy. Hemp fibers can be made into clothing, or to strengthen building materials. Hemp is being used for building projects, to create lighter forms of cement that are safer, lighter, and even fire resistant.


CBD is something that everyone should keep in the medicine cabinet since it can be used for adults, children and pets. It’s anti-inflammatory qualities make it a fine thing to dab on before a bandage. Get a bottle in your cabinet today. Thank us later.