Medical Cannabis

Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Your Pets

Buying CBD oil for your pets can be really confusing because the market is so full of products, some of which are really new. How are you supposed to know what is safe and what you can use without doing any harm to your sweet fur baby?

Important things to keep in mind before using Medical Cannabis for your pets

1. Make sure that you know what the CBD is coming from. It was extracted from hemp. Where was that hemp grown? Is it organic? Did it come from China? A lot of products that are coming in from China are testing positive for things like lead from toxic soils contamination. You don’t want to give your dog something that is potentially harmful.

Choose a product that came from the USA or Canada. Know the source and choose what was organically certified. You can find it and you can ask questions. It’s worth your time to find out. Medical cannabis with THC is not safe for your pets. Do not use THC. Dogs, for example, have nearly twice the THC receptors in their brains that we do. THC can become lethal to them, causing THC Toxicity.


2. There are several methods for extracting the oil from the plants. You want to look for the oils that have been separated with the CO2 method. Solvents are used in other methods that could leave traces of themselves behind. CO2 uses only carbon dioxide in the process, which is harmless. You won’t have to worry about introducing any solvents into your dog’s body if you use oil extracted in this manner. It’s 100% safe.


3. You need CBD oil, not hemp seed oil. There is no beneficial CBD in hemp oil, which is from the hemp plant seeds only. You need CBD to be of help and you’ll want to choose an oil that has the lowest levels of THC possible, preferable zero THC. THC can be toxic to your pet and is quite toxic to dogs. You should also want a bottle in a higher mg so that you can give less at once, making your bottle last longer. It’s more cost effective in the long run, especially if you have a large dog that may require bigger doses.


4. All reputable companies have third-party testing done on their oils. This testing is important to know the exact levels of CBD that you are getting and to also make sure that you aren’t getting THC that you don’t want. Remember, THC is harmful to your pets! THC can cause seizures and even death to dogs. Don’t take any chances with this. Read the labels and the ad thoroughly and don’t trust a company that won’t show you third-party test results.


5. When it comes to the method of application, while topical can be done, the best way seems to be oral. This gives a better overall benefit across the board. In other words, more positive results are reported when oral methods of dosing are used. This can be just the oils or treats or foods made with CBD oil in them.


6. Any animals can benefit. Animals that have been given CBD so far include ferrets, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, horses, birds, rats, and mice. Some doctors and veterinarians are hesitant to suggest CBD as a remedy because they wait on the FDA, which we all know is slow. The FDA has approved a human drug with CBD in it for seizures though.

You may need to do your own research and it is likely that you’ll end-up knowing more about the Endocannabinoid System and CBD than your veterinarian will. Ask questions but do your own research as well. You should want to know everything that you can about anything you are feeding to your pet. The research is out there and all you must do is some reading.


CBD is a product that is exploding across the USA right now as hemp crops have been legalized again. Farmers have to apply for licensing and that figure has risen by 300% this year over the last two years. Hemp is expected to be a huge cash crop for those in agriculture. CBD is expected to be a $22B per year industry by 2021.

This enormous growth is a blessing and a curse. More and more products are available every single day for you to choose from. There are websites dedicated to CBD products for pets and nothing else. This is great news, but along with the good there are always some bad business people who are only trying to make a few quick dollars.

Third-party testing information

For this reason, make sure that you are looking at third-party testing information. Make certain that you are reading the material and the labels well. Only order from reputable companies that have reviews from real people. Check to find out where their sources of hemp are. Don’t use Chinese oils.

Don’t use oils that were shipped to China and then back again either. Look for CBD oil that was grown locally, organically, and extracted with CO2 methods. Once you’ve determined the best source of your CBD oil, then choose a product or two that you’d like to try.



Give your pet the best product that you can find on the market, because they deserve it and because they will benefit from it. You could add years to their life and make them more comfortable with a disease that they have or just as they age in general.

They are your family and they can’t tell you when they hurt. With CBD oil, they won’t have to hurt anymore.