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If you’re longing to take your disabled pet on holiday, but thinking it’ll be impossible because of the extra care and attention they need, think again! Whatever their disability, your pet absolutely deserves the treat as much as you do – and with a little careful planning, there’s no reason you can’t both have a great time.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are three things to remember when traveling with disabled pets:

Plan the right holiday for you and your pet

Nobody knows your pet better than you do, so before you get started on planning your perfect holiday together, be realistic about how far they’ll be happy to travel and what sort of activities you’ll be able to enjoy when you get there.

Research pet-friendly holiday accommodation, and more specifically, look for reviews from people who have already taken their disabled pets there so you can get a feel for how your furry friend’s needs will be accommodated.




While you’re at it, if it’s going to be your first time travelling with your disabled pet, ask people who’ve already done it for tips and recommendations of anything their pets found especially helpful while they were away.

Be prepared for everything!

When you’re packing, make sure you’re prepared for any and every eventuality!

As a disabled pet owner, you know your furry friend’s needs better than anyone. Just like us, dogs feel most at home when they’re surrounded by things they know, so be sure to pack plenty of home comforts – their usual bed or blanket, soft toys, the food dishes they’re used to – anything that will help them settle more quickly when you arrive at your destination.

It’s also a good idea to include an emergency fund in your holiday spending money, just in case any problems arise that might incur extra expenses.

Find Suitable Travel Gear / Mobility Products

Traveling anywhere with a disabled pet is going to be stressful, however, if you find the best mobility products or travel gear this can really help make the process run a lot more smoothly and also provide comfort for your beloved pet. There are 100’s of products available with these thoughts in mind. Listed below are just a few of our favorite products:

Dog Wheelchair

If your dog has a problem with it’s legs and is unable to move freely around, a great way to ensure they get the most from the holiday/trip is to get an adjustable wheelchair that can provide complete freedom for you pet.


Sometimes your pet dog can have an injury or problem with an individual leg. A sling is a good way of holding that problem leg out of the way and securing it so that it does not get knocked around during travel.

Leg Splints & Leg Supports

If your pet has recently injured a leg or multiple legs, you can also find splints & supports that provide a robust support that can handle the arduous task of traveling long distances. Although your pet may take some time getting used to this type of product, it can provide ultimate benefits for you and your loved on.


For those pets with problems with their paws, there are also a range of booties & shoes that stop them from being exposed to the elements and any germs that may cause problems for any open wounds.

Booties can also be a great way to prepare your dog for changes in floor temperature. This could be useful if you are traveling to somewhere particularly hot and your dog will be walking on burning sand or pavement. The same thing applies if you are traveling to somewhere cold and they will be trotting through snow.

Healing & Safety Aids

If your pet has recently had an operation that needs protection during travel, you can also find some fantastic healing and safety aids that simply put some distance between the problem area and any obstacles. This will give your pet the best chance of a quick recovery.

Treats & Toys

Something that is essential for a smooth journey are toys. Remember to pack some of your pet’s favorite toys to play with whilst you travel. This can calm your pet down and make them feel at home with familiar objects and toys.

Treats can also be a great initiative to reward your pet when they are remaining calm. If your pet is apprehensive about travel and scared of loud noises (e.g. flight take-off), a treat can often distract them from the noise and provide them with a positive experience of travel.

Get advice from your vet

If you have a disabled pet, they’re probably quite familiar with going to see your vet already, but do book an extra visit and let your vet know about your plans. Ask for their advice to make sure your furry pal has the best time possible, get a recommendation for a great vet that you can go to locally if you need to while you’re away, and stock up on any medication and/or equipment that’s part of your disabled pet’s everyday care.

It’s also vital to make sure you have the right pet insurance to cover existing conditions, so if you have any doubts at all, run this past your vet too.

Call your Airline / Travel Company

Finally, it is recommended that you call your airline or travel company in advance of travel. It may be that they have additional support for disabled pets, but more likely they can tell you what items you are allowed on board and whether or not your pet is also allowed on board with you. Some travel companies require animals to be placed in a cage during travel unless they are support animals – but this varies from airline to airline.

Above all else, remember that it’s your holiday too, so long as you plan really well in advance, there’s no reason you and your pet shouldn’t have a great time. Get yourself organized and enjoy every minute!