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Horses are great animals indeed. They help us to travel from one place to another. Moreover, they also aid us in enjoying some sporting activities that are mounted on horsebacks. They are however susceptible to the risks of flies. We prepare this guide to help you in protecting your horses from flies.

How To Protect Your Horse From Flies

1. Adorn your Horses with appropriate Clothing 

Your first and foremost consideration should be to adorn the horse with appropriate clothing. Examples of these are the wraps, collars, masts, and fly sheets. They shield the horse from bare exposure to the flies by creating an impenetrable barrier between the exterior and the surface of the horse’s skin.

2. Apply Long-lasting Fly Repellents

Next comes the long-lasting fly repellents. They, as their names imply are intended to scare away the flies from invading the skins of the horses. Insist on those that have natural formulations as they are safer and less likely to harm your horse and the environments at large.

3. Spray your horses regularly

Other than the long-lasting fly repellents we have talked of above, the horse fly sprays may also yield the necessary outcomes. They simply maintain your horses disinfected and hence better placed to ward off the issue of fly damages and attractions. Kindly read this horse fly spray reviews for further inspiration.

4. Turn Horses out Together

From time to time, you should also consider turning out the horses together. In doing this, you will be able to let them flick away the flies from each other. This is something we recommend that you do each morning as that is the most appropriate time to eliminate the flies from the horses.

5. Eliminate the Wet-bedding and Droppings

Each morning after you wake up, you should proceed to eliminate the wet bedding and the droppings of the horses. These wastes have the impacts of attracting the flies as they create a nice breeding grounds for the same. Use the most relevant disinfectants to do the job.

6. Maintain a Comfortable Manure Distance

You should maintain a comfortable manure distance from the stable of your horse. Manure has the ability to attract the flies to the area where they are. By maintaining a safe distance between the horse stable and the manure, you get to prevent the flies from affecting the horses.

7. Adorn the Stable with the Fly Papers and Traps

Other than the horse itself, the stable also ought to be adorned appropriately for the purpose of preventing the same from the possibility of attracting the flies. Purchase the most suitable one from you’re the horse supplies and equipment store. Then, wrap them on your stables firmly.

8. Darken the appearances of your stables

It is also strongly recommended that you paint your stables darker in color. The dark colors are less attractive and hence highly unlikely to attract the horses in the first place. Choosing to work with lighter colors, on the other hand, will only serve to attract the flies all the more.

9. Ventilate your Stables Accordingly

Flies generally like areas that are filthy. To prevent this from happening, you should ventilate the stables appropriately. This is to ensure that the air circulates freely. The same case should also apply to the lighting as these two metrics go hand in hand. Use meshes and other items that can bring in the fresh air.

10. Consider Employing Natural Predators

Flies have some natural predators that feed on them. Examples of these are the bats that have the ability to eat well over 1,000 flies per hour. Consider hence introducing a colony of bats especially if your area has numerous or permanent population of flies that cannot be eliminated using the normal methods.

11. Provide Cleaner Water Supply

We have already explained that flies are attracted by dirt and filth. One sure way of combating the filth is the use of clean water only. That is because the water is unlikely to attract the flies as is the norm with the ones that are dirty.

12. Dispose of the trash well

Another step you can take to prevent the proliferation of your horse stable area with the flies is the wholesome disposal of the garbage. Remember, any accumulation of trash that is close enough to your area has the impact of attracting unwanted flies. This is something you should do regularly.

13. Install yellow lights

Right next to the compound, you should install yellow lights. These have been noted to scare away and deter flies from getting to the area that is lit. Make sure you surround the perimeter of the stable to deter the flies from getting there from all angles or on all sides.

14. Use Fly Traps

You may also attempt your luck on the fly traps. These are special pieces of equipment whose role is to attract the flies and making them easier to get hold of and exterminate thereafter. Several kinds of these exist. Be sure to find the one that is suited for your state or area.

15. Trim hedges

Over and above disposing of all trash, you should also trim the hedges around your stable periodically. Flies do love squeezed and congested places that are more likely to conceal their identities. Use a slasher or a pruner to do the job. Dispose of the cuttings well after your trimming.

16. Plant Scented Hedges

As a last consideration, you may also plant scented hedges. Some of them are lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. Flies abhor scents and are almost always chased away by them. Plant the hedges as close to the stable as much as possible. You want to have some maximum impacts, don’t you?


Alright, there you have them! We now trust that you are appropriately equipped to combat any flies on your horses. All we may now ask you to do is to implement the information we have furnished to the latter to gain the necessary outcomes. Best of luck as you set out to take the first major step to that end.

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