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Why should you have all the fun while your dog stays at home missing you? In an ideal world, your dog comes everywhere with you, and that should be no different for your next holiday. Traveling with your pet is perfect for both solo travelers and families who wouldn’t dream of a holiday without their beloved furry friend.

Pet-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Australia

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Thankfully, businesses are increasingly offering pet-friendly services, such as entrances to outdoor areas at pubs and hotels you can share with your pet. Many of us prefer to always have our pets with us, so finding pet-friendly holiday destinations is an absolute dream.

Holiday destinations for pets

1. South Coast, NSW

The South Coast of Sydney boasts a bevy of beautiful beaches, caravan parks and camping grounds that are perfect holiday destinations for vacationing with your dog. Your pooch will enjoy running through the waves or exploring nature with you, and you can reap the benefits of sleeping under the stars in a one-man, one pooch tent.

If you prefer a little more glam, B&Bs and Airbnbs are often pet-friendly as well, meaning you could bring your cat, bird or snake along with you if you really wanted.

Explore the beautiful towns of Batemans Bay, Bega, and Shoalhaven with your best friend right by your side. With destinations only an hour and a half out of Sydney, you and your pet could explore a new town every weekend.

2. Gold Coast, QLD

A popular tourist destination, Broadwater on Queensland’s Gold Coast is dog-friendly. You can enjoy a 6km walk with your dog down the beach before enjoying all the sights and sounds the Gold Coast has to offer. The Gold Coast also offers a wide array of dog-friendly pubs, meaning you can even grab an alfresco bistro meal with your furry mate right there.

With a 4km open space for dogs to socialize and play, the Gold Coast is currently one of the most pet-inclusive places in Australia. Fishing, coastal walks, and vendors throughout the main town are enough to keep you entertained, and your pet enjoyed by the locals and visitors alike. 

3. Perth to Albany, WA

The road trip from Fremantle to the south end of WA is a glorious adventure with many dog-friendly establishments along the way. Your dog will enjoy the crystal clear beaches, family-friendly activities and up and coming events that are putting West Australia on the tourism map.

Margaret River, just south of Perth, is home to dog-friendly breweries where you can enjoy a tour, a drink, and a tale. If your dog loves the water, you can even sign up for master and pet surfing or paddle boarding lessons!

4. Botanical Gardens, TAS

If you’re more of the city type for your holiday needs, Tasmania has pet-friendly places in spades. The Botanical Gardens are located within the city of Hobart, where you can enjoy exploring a variety of different blooms whilst your pet plays in the beautiful landscapes. 

Laid-back and slow-paced, Hobart is perfect for a more chilled adventure. The Salamanca Markets are outdoors and dog-friendly (if they’re held or kept on leads), meaning your pooch can help you pick out the best souvenirs. 

Tips for traveling with your pet

It’s important to take extra care of your pet while traveling, and be sure beforehand that they’re comfortable with new environments. The last thing you want is to take your furry friend on a road trip only to find they get car sick.

Making sure your pet insurance is up to date is a safe way to make sure that if anything goes wrong, your pet is covered in the event of an emergency. This will come in very handy if you run into a rainy day, particularly if your pet needs vet care away from your local veterinarian.

Some research into any potential dangers in the area such as snakes or poisons to steer your pet away from will help prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Different states and venues can have different rules, and it’s polite to follow them to ensure your pet isn’t causing any disruption. A quick look online or a short phone call ahead of time will advise you whether your pet will need to be on a leash at all times, whether your bird is confined to your shoulder, or whether your cat must stay on your lap.

Exploring Australia with your furry pal

Australia is an absolute treasure trove of places to visit, with a rich culture and fascinating history at every turn. Every state offers a unique experience, and the great Australian dream of traveling around the country in a Kombi-van is still one with a strong spirit today.

That dream now often includes your furry, feathered or scaled best friend joining you for the journey.

A holiday with your pet allows for a beautiful bonding experience you may not get at home. What are you waiting for? There’s so much for you and your animal companion to see!

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