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Everything You Need To Pack For A Trip With Your Dog

Wallet, phone, keys, gas, reservations, all of these are items mandatory on a trip. However, when you’re packing your furry friend, there are a few more things you should take with you.

Your pooch has its own needs, and you need to take some essentials on the road. Here’s what you’ll need.

1. Food and Water

First and foremost, your pup needs to eat. Bring enough kibble or wet food for the entire trip. You can never be certain if you have somewhere to buy it.

This is especially important if your dog is on any sort of special diet.

You don’t want to end up stuck someplace without any shops, and to leave your pooch hungry. This may even ruin his health. Take regular stops to give him food and water, as well.


2. Collar, Tags, and Leash

While your dog might be used to walks without a leash, this isn’t allowed everywhere. Someplace require you to keep your dog right next to you all the time.

Also, you don’t want your pup to end up frightened on the new location or – worse – at the side of the road. Keeping him leashed is a good way to know he is safe all the time.

Tag is a good way to make sure someone can return your dog to you in case he is lost. Collars are important, as well.

In case your dog gets lost without a collar, someone might think he is a stray and send him away to a local pound. Don’t risk such stressful events.


3. Poop Bags

Poop bags are one of those essentials that are easy to forget. Don’t get caught without poop bags while your dog is doing his business on the side of the road!

Not only does this look bad, but leaving dog feces is illegal in most states and in many countries worldwide.


While you can take some of the ordinary plastic bags you have with you, chances are you won’t have enough of them after the first day. Always have a poop bag next to you, as you can never know when will your pup decide that it’s time to ‘go’.


4. Dog Bed or Crate

Canines can get overly excited about new locations. It’s always smart to bring his favorite dog bed with you, so he has something that smells familiar.

Sleeping in the same place as he would sleep while in familiar surroundings is a good way to ensure a good night’s sleep. If your pooch prefers sleeping in a crate, bring it, as well.

This is especially important for dogs who need a good dog bed to sleep on due to joint problems or arthritis. Such canines can’t sleep just anywhere for a prolonged period of time and need extra care.


5. Treats and Toys

Despite being on a vacation, dogs can get bored. You don’t want to take them without their favorite toys or treats that can keep them occupied.

Not to mention that if this is your first trip with your dog, this is a great time to keep on with training and take them to a next level.

Reward your dog for any good behavior with treats, and give him toys when he becomes restless. This can even help you teach him how to act in new situations.


6. First Aid Kit

This is something you should carry not just for you, but for your dog, as well. Who knows what can happen on the road, especially if you’re going somewhere outdoors.

Accidents can happen, and house dogs especially don’t really know how to take care of themselves.

Make sure to include tweezers, gauze bandages, tape, eyewash, and antiseptic wipes or spray in your first aid kit. All of these items can be of huge help in case anything goes awry.


7. Anxiety Supplements

This one isn’t essential unless your dog has anxiety issues around new people and new locations. Some pups get extremely nervous during the trip. You need to bring some anxiety supplements to make everything easier for them.

Of course, you know your dog and his behavior the best. Always consult your vet before introducing any kinds of medication or supplements to your canine.

Also, if this isn’t something you’ve regularly done with your, a trip isn’t a good moment to start. You don’t want to risk him getting sick without a vet nearby.


8. Seat Covers

There are many reasons why you might need seat covers. Not just your dogs can get dirty, they also shed hair. Unless you’re going on a hiking trip in a desert, chances are you don’t want to walk around stained or covered in dog hair.

Seat covers are a nice way to make the cleaning process easier. Also, some dogs even tend to be restless if traveling without their favorite blanket.

If this is the case, you can use this blanket in more than one way. It is a nice idea to cover your seats with a blanket. Not to mention how affordable this is!


9. Safety Restraints

 Some areas require dogs to be restrained while in cars. While dogs will rarely enjoy wearing safety restraints, you’ll have to get them a good seat belt. Check out local laws to inform yourself whether this is necessary in a place you’re going to.

However, even if it isn’t, getting a restraint can help your dog stay safe in case of a car accident. If you need to wear a seat belt for safety, there is no reason why your dog doesn’t have to wear one, too.


10. Vaccination Records

No matter where you go, bring your dog’s vaccination records with you. While this is essential when crossing borders, it can always come in handy.

You never know when an emergency could happen. Most vets will ask for your dog’s vaccination records before they determine the right therapy. Don’t wait for something to happen before you realize you should’ve brought that piece of paper with you!