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Your dog is an integral part of the family. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine life without it there. You would do anything to make sure it is healthy and happy. But, like humans, dogs can and will have a number of health concerns.

Some issues are very similar to what you have to deal with as a pet owner. Lack of appetite, joint pain, constipation, and mental issues are some of them.

Your first reaction would be to rush to the vet at the onset of symptoms. Depending on the illness, the cost implication can be quite high.


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But, what if we told you a safe and effective cure is in your kitchen pantry? Yes, olive oil is a favorite kitchen ingredient, which has tons of benefits for dogs. Let’s explore some of them below.

● Olive Oil as an Appetite Booster

It can be heart-wrenching to see your dog picking at its food and barely consuming anything. You will be happy to know that the solution is right in your pantry.

Yes, olive oil is a fantastic appetite booster. A few drops in the dog’s food over a few days should restore their appetite.

But, some dogs will not like the raw taste of olive oil. There is a fantastic solution available in olive oil mix for dogs. You see, the product has a bacon taste that is sure to please your pup’s palate. The mix is easy to administer and comes with dosage instructions. Please follow them to ensure you get the best results.

● Better Skin with Olive Oil

You can’t help but note that your dog’s skin has become flaky and dry. This is especially common during cold weather. It can be very uncomfortable for the family pooch due to itching.

Before spending a lot of money at the vet or on costly products, try olive oil in the dog’s food. After some time, your dog’s skin will be soft and smooth again. The positive effects also carry on to its fur. It will be luxurious and shiny, as it should always be.

● Olive Oil for Constipation

You notice that your pup is not taking regular bathroom breaks. That may be indicative of constipation. Imagine how uncomfortable the situation is for you as a human being. You get a pretty good idea of how your dog is feeling.

Adding some olive oil to the food can help with the problem. It is an excellent laxative that will not cost you anything extra. After all, you have the olive oil sitting in your kitchen.

The olive oil will lubricate the digestive tract, so that passing stool becomes easier.

● Treatment for Ear Infections

If your dog has floppy ears, you must watch out for ear infections. The trapping of moisture and dirt provides a fantastic environment for bacterial growth.

The treatment is simple; put a drop or two of olive oil into the dog’s ears. Please ensure it is at room temperature by warming the oil in a bowl of hot water.

● Joint Relief with Olive Oil

One of the issues that accompany aging is joint issues. Like humans, the dog can experience pain or develop problems like arthritis. Yet, joint pains may occur in malnourished or obese dogs.

Olive oil contains oleic acid that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The omega-3 in olive oil can also provide lubrication for the joints. You get an effective treatment that does not require long-term medication use.

● Better Cardiovascular and Brain Health for Your Dog

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats. These are effective for reducing cholesterol. The direct effect is better blood flow and a healthy heart.

The omega-3 in olive oil will significantly affect your dog’s mental health. It impacts their brain resulting in better attention, learning abilities, and memory.

Reducing cholesterol has another health benefit. And that has to do with weight control. The monounsaturated fats are fat-blasters. You can expect a more energetic dog because it will no longer be carrying around extra pounds.

Your dog will also enjoy stronger immunity due to the antioxidant elements like vitamin E, chlorophyll, carotenoids, and polyphenols.

Essential Things to Note about Using Olive Oil on Your Dog

From the above discussion, it is clear that your pets will get a lot of benefits from olive oil. But, it would not be fair to complete the article without pointing out a few facts. Please take note of the following before embarking on any olive oil treatments.

Watch out for allergic reactions to the oil. Please note, just like humans, some animals will have an allergic reaction to the olive oil. If you notice any discomfort or flare-ups, please discontinue the use. Your dog may, for example, vomit or suffer bouts of diarrhea. This means that the oil is irritating their digestive system.

Olive oil has fat in it, so be careful about the dosage. Overusing it can result in weight gain, which will go against what you hope to achieve. do not exceed one teaspoon per day for your dog.

Don’t just use any olive oil. The best option is extra virgin oil. The absence of chemicals makes them less acidic and gives you better quality oil. Your pets are less likely to get sick after consuming such.

Finally, when using any products such as the olive oil mix for pets, stick to the recommended dosage. There is a reason why the manufacturers take time to indicate this. The dosage comes from tons of research to ensure your animals get maximum benefits. You wouldn’t exceed your prescription dosage, would you? So, neither should your pet.

Final Thoughts

Olive oil gives a fantastic, inexpensive solution to so many dog issues. It is a natural remedy that does not contain harmful additives or chemicals. Further, you are likely to have it readily available in your kitchen. If you check how much you would spend on a vet, the savings will be clear to see. Go ahead, and give your dog better health by introducing olive oil to its diet.