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The Maltese breed is a very popular toy breed that makes a wonderful pet. They are known for being quiet and docile, with a coat that doesn’t shed. This non-shedding trait in their genetics has also made them a highly sought after hybrid to cross other types of dog breeds with.

Many people have concerns about how long the Maltese lifespan is, including mixes and designer breed crosses. For even more information about the Maltese and other small breeds, you may do some research.

maltese lifespan

What Usually Is Maltese Cause of Death?

The vast majority of Maltese live a very long and happy life that ultimately ends when their heart gives out. This is typically the result of heart valve deterioration that happens normally with age.

They are not plagued with a lot of health issues and they tend to live for a very long time, making them a lifetime commitment. When you look at them, you’ll find that many owners have had their Maltese for more than a dozen years. Many for more than 15 years.

The Maltese is typically a very healthy little dog breed and remains active well into old age. They are happy and healthy little dogs that love to lay in your lap and snuggle. The average Maltese lifespan is 12-15 years.

maltese lifespan

This is a big commitment when you bring home a puppy. They will be living with you as long, or longer than most children. You will be responsible for caring for them, feeding them, taking care of their medical needs, and planning for their care when you leave home on vacations or arrange to take them with you.

Maltese are white with brown eyes and brown skin around their eyes and black noses. They always are these colors. They have a medium to long coat that isn’t a double coat. For this reason, they don’t do well in the cold weather and would love a sweater when they must go potty in very cold weather.

They are one of the most popular designer dog mixes as well.

• Teacup Maltese This tiny dog is a purebred Maltese that has been bred down in size to stand roughly 7 inches tall. They weigh less than 5 pounds and they are a sweet and gentle dog that loves to be with their humans. The Teacup Maltese lifespan will also be 10-15 years and shouldn’t be carried everywhere as humans tend to do with small dogs. With proper walking and exercise, they’ll live longer.

This is a very small dog that prefers to be in your company, sit on your laps, and be doted on. They do not require much food in a sitting and you should adhere to their diet to ensure that they live long and healthy lives. Exercise is important, so resist carrying them all of the time.

• Yorkie Maltese This is a mix between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese. They are slightly smaller than a regular Maltese and also do not shed. They can be white like the Maltese are have coloring like that of the Yorkie. Some have been observed with white markings on a sable coat. The Yorkie Maltese Lifespan is 10-13 years and they are affectionately referred to as Morkies.

They may be prone to issues with their teeth as they age. This is a Yorkie issue and you need to pay close attention to keep their teeth clean and brushed as they age so that they can keep their teeth as long as possible. Groomers can help you take care of their dental health and your veterinarian will pay close attention as well.

The smaller dogs tend to live the longest. The average Maltese lifespan is so long due to their size. Larger dogs have internal organs that wear out sooner. Which dog has the shortest lifespan? Many people guess that this is the Great Dane, which is close, averaging only 9 years.

The dog that really lives the shortest life is the Bernese mountain dog, averaging only 7 short years of life on earth. This is tough because we want them with us for so much longer.

maltese lifespan

So smaller dogs are often chosen due to longer life spans. Which dog has the longest life span? This is likely the Australian Cattle dog, known for averaging up to 15 years of age and the record holder for the oldest living dog. Bluey, an ACD lived to be 28 years of age! Simply incredible!

What is the oldest living Maltese? Zach is an Australian Maltese who was 20 in 2016*. That is a very long time for a Maltese even though when we look at why Maltese usually die, they have heart problems that cause them to live until around the age of 15.

No further information on Zach could be found so it is presumed that he has since passed away. Sadly, it eventually has to happen. It’s important to give them a good life while you can. Zach’s mother felt that it was the ocean air of Queensland, Australia that kept him young and feeling well for most of his life.

Whether you live near the ocean or the forest, good nutrition, proper exercise, and a ton of love will help to ensure that your Maltese or Maltese mix is with you for the longest possible time. Don’t skip veterinary appointments on a yearly basis and every 6 months as they age.

Don’t buy the cheapest dog food, find one that is affordable but has the best possible nutrition. Keep snacks to a minimum. Groom often and spend quality time with your pet to help them remain happy and social, Maltese love people and could potentially make great therapy dogs.

Regular brushing, grooming, and nail clipping are also essential to the care of a Maltese. They grow a very long coat that will tangle if not groomed well. Trimming this off the floor will help them stay clean and smelling nice, making them a treat to have in your lap — which is all they really want.