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Dog lovers can relate when I say that your dog’s health and happiness really affects your overall mood. Dogs are the best thing that could happy to a household and they bring joy and belongingness in every home they reside in.

Dogs truly are faithful and loyal towards their owners and become a part of the family when welcomed into a home.


happy dog


Whether you are welcoming a new dog in the family, or are concerned about your beloved pet from over the years, the following tips can help you in learning how to keep your dog happy:


• A Good Diet

While this is a no-brainer, a good diet is extremely important for your dog’s happiness and health. The right portions and the right food can ensure that he/she maintains good bodily health and appropriate weight which ultimately extends their life.

You can consult your vet to check for the right food and supplements that your dog may need.



Walking regularly is absolutely necessary for your dog’s health and a healthy dog is a happy dog. In addition to that, other forms of exercise such as playing fetch or swimming also ought to incorporate into your dog’s daily routine to keep him/her healthy and fit.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your dog maintains his/her interest in such activities such as walking a different route every day.


•  Trips to the vet

A yearly checkup is super essential and gives your vet the opportunity to perform different screenings and test to detect any illnesses that may have not shown any signs or symptoms yet. In addition to that, your dog’s dental health also needs to check on or on an annual basis least.


•  Time and affection

Just like humans like to reminded every now and then how much they are loved and adored, dogs do too. You need to spend time with your dog and maintain a strong bond. 

Rubbing their belly, petting them, talking to them, and hugging them gives them the indication that you love them and helps establish a strong emotional connection.


Groom them

A really adorable dog is also a really happy dog and you need to regularly groom your dog in order to keep them happy. This includes trimming their nails, giving them a bath, etc.

While doing so, you can also regularly feel your dog’s fur or body to check for any irregularities that could be signs of any diseases.


Doggo Friends

Your dog needs to get acquainted with a number of different people and different pet dogs too, that is, it needs to socialize on a regular basis. Not only does this give them exposure, it also limits their chances of aggressive behavior during adulthood and with strangers.

Walking them around the block with your neighbors that have dogs or arranging play dates are perfect ways to get your dog to be friends with other dogs.


•  Checking for irregularities

You need to constantly be on the lookout for any changes in your dog’s behavior or mood. Depression in dogs can be difficult to cure and detect and hence any changes in your dog’s lifestyle need to be duly noted.


•  Using food dispensers

By using food dispensers, you can make sure all your dogs’ meals are fun. Additionally, food dispensers usually come in the form of some sort of a puzzle and they help mentally stimulate your pet.

If your dog suffers from any minor issues such as chewing or barking excessively, getting them involved with food dispensers helps ease those issues to a great extent.


Spoil your dog every now and then

It never hurts to spoil your dog every and then and it always helps cheer up their mood to take them out for a little treat.

Many major restaurants have secret dog menus curated specifically for your favorite pets and your dog can choose from a number of treats.


Buy your dog good quality chew toys

All dogs love chewing and you should buy your dog sturdy chew toys to spend time on. They especially come in handy when you are busy and do not have any other way to entertain your dog.

Different chew toys have different textures and toughness and it might take a bit of trial and error to understand which chew toy is your dog’s favorite.


Give your dog a massage

Dogs love a good massage and massages help them relieve stress and anxiety. Especially if you feel your dog isn’t feeling very well these days, you should try and give your dog a massage to help them relax.

It is also very good for your dog’s muscle and bone health.


•  Buy them a new collar

Dogs spend almost all their time in their collars. Just like how you buy yourself a new dress or a new shirt every now and then, your dog needs to experience a little retail therapy too.

You should buy your dog a new collar every now and then which is in a different color, texture, weight, and size than their current one.


• Give your dog compliments

Everyone loves compliments and so does your dog. Tell them every now and then how much you love them and how cute they are. Is it sure to make their day and make them feel happy.

Every time your dog does something good, let them know that they have done something good and appreciate them. This would make them repeat that behavior more often.

Dogs are generally happy pets: they aren’t as daunting as cats and only require little of your time and attention to feel safe and happy in a home.

However, keeping your dog happy, both emotionally and through their health, is your responsibility.

When you bring a dog into your life and family they become your family member, and family members have a responsibility to care for, love each other, and ensure that everyone feels safe and happy in their home.