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Busy schedules often hinder our mental peace and leave us feeling exhausted. With minimal downtime and work-related stress at the peak, you are likely to feel overwhelmed all the time.

Not only does an unbalanced life drain your mental health, but it also makes your canine companion sluggish and drowsy.

Lack of physical as well as mental activity evokes a sense of laziness amongst both humans and dogs. To keep your dog at its toes, all you need is a little creativity and time.

You can try out indoor games to boost their mind and improve their intellect.

Keep reading to know the interesting indoor games and puzzles to improve your pet’s thinking and cognitive process.


Reward Your Pet with Find the Treats

Here’s an indoor game that will surely be fun for you as well as your pet. Find The Treats is one of the best games you can try during this lockdown. All you need are the usual Dog Treats that allure your canine companion’s taste buds. Start by putting the treat in front of his site to make him understand the game.

Indoor games for dogs

After your dog successfully grabs the snack a few times, increase the difficulty levels. You would want to place the treats on tougher sports. Not only will this allow your dog to utilize his olfactory senses, but also increase his mental functioning.

  • Enhances The Olfactory Receptors and strengthens the sense of smell. Experts say that the olfactory sensations are linked with the well-being of the entire body in dogs.
  • Improves Mental Functioning & Intellect That way, your dog develops an instant response mechanism and cognitive abilities.


Kickstart The Body With Tug Of War

For all the pets out there, it’s crucial to perform physical activities now and then. This helps in keeping the animal physically fit, intellectually keen, and ailment-free. Start the game by teaching your dog the basic moves like grasping and releasing the rope. Further, play the game just like you would with anybody else.

Indoor games for dogs

Make sure to let your dog win frequently as that promotes a sense of confidence and makes them want to play more. This indoor exercise is beneficial for the dogs who have been acting all drowsy lately.

Although, there are a few warning signs that you must keep in mind. Just when your dog seems agitated or irritated, you must stop playing the game. Play this game to keep your dog healthy in every aspect possible.

  • Gets Your Pet In The Move while at home. This exercise is extremely useful for owners who don’t have enough time to walk their dogs.
  • Instils Self-Confidence in the pets due to the wins. That way, you can easily build trust in your dog and make them want more of such indoor games.


Make Them Learn the Toy Names

Dogs are one of the most intelligent as well as loyal animals on the planet. Put your pet’s smartness into use by teaching him the names of his Dog Toys or Dog Harnesses. Although it might seem like a tedious task at first. But, after a few attempts, you will start enjoying the game.

Indoor games for dogs

You would want to use the name of the toys every time you play with your pet. That way, your dog develops an understanding of the toys and learns the names as well. Such indoor games kickstart your dog’s learning abilities and lead to faster memory retention.

  • Improves The Brain Functions by repetitive learning and stimulation of the centers. It also enhanced memory retention and recognition such that your dog begins acknowledging the other household items as well.
  • Removes Weakness, Lethargy, and Sluggishness amongst the pets. Due to this, your dog is always ready to play interesting games and responds well to the present stimulus.
  • Better Reflexes & Response Mechanism as the game teaches your dogs to think and act faster. Also, it corrects the confusion residing in the dog’s mind while playing or performing any other activity.


Better Visual Response With hiding & Seek

Here’s an indoor game everybody liked during their childhood days. Turns out, even the dogs like it as much as we did.

Once in a while, try playing hide and seek with your dog. Make sure to choose the easy places for hiding in the beginning. This will help your dog in understanding the game better. After a few attempts, hide in the not-so-obvious places.

Hide & Seek has a positive impact on your pet’s mind. It enhances visual reflexes and improves cognitive abilities. What makes the game even more beneficial is that it keeps your animal companion healthy both physically as well as mentally. All you need to do is teach your dog the ability to stay still while you choose your hiding place.

  • Turns The Visual Reflexes into a strong one with faster coordination. Not only this, but the game also teaches your dog to hold on for the time being.
  • Keeps The Animal’s Body Weight under control as the game requires considerable movement. Even if you skip the evening walks sometimes, Hide & Seek balances it pretty well.
  • Improves The Ability To Process Information & Retain the same. However, this is only possible if you play the game regularly and for a significant duration.


Top-Notch Mental Abilities With Puzzles

Almost every person solves the mysterious puzzle games at least once in their lifetime. Puzzles are way more interesting for your canine animals as they induce a sense of happiness.

However, you might need to fetch the puzzles specially crafted for the dogs. With popular puzzles like Outward Hound Toys, your dog might win you after significant attempts.

Indoor games for dogs

Such games boost your pet’s mental abilities and keep them curious all the time. Along with this, it instills top-notch reasoning and logic in their minds. You must stick to such interesting puzzle games to transform your sluggish dog into an intellectual one real quick.

  • Better Reasoning & Logical Thinking due to constant puzzle solving. This also makes your pets extremely curious and maintains their mental health.
  • Reduces The Chances Of Anxiety, Depression, and Mental instability as the game requires the utmost concentration. Canines often like this game as it keeps them occupied both physically and mentally.
  • Keeps Your Dog Active & Healthy throughout the day. Nobody likes a drowsy and lethargic pet and this game ensures that your pet doesn’t turn into a sloth.


Play The Which Hand Game Often

If you’re tired of the busy workdays and don’t have enough time for your pet, this game helps in maintaining the bond perfectly. The “Which Hand Game” tests your pet’s smelling ability in a few minutes only.

For this, make sure to gather his favorite treats and keep them in one hand. Show both hands to your dog and make him choose the hand with the treat. If he’s smart enough to guess the right hand, then he gets the treat as a reward.

Indoor games for dogs

However, don’t make your pet lose for a long time as this might discourage him. Such indoor games are quite beneficial as they ensure an ecstatic sense of smell. Along with this, your dog gains enough confidence after choosing the right hand. Take out at least 20 minutes a day and indulge in this mind-blowing game for a while.

  • Strengthens The Sensations, especially the olfactory ones. That way, you can take care of his body effortlessly as the olfactory system connects to almost every part.
  • Boosts The Morale & Confidence of your dog and makes him even more interested in playing games. What’s even better is that it builds the pet-owner relationship without doing much effort.


Final Verdict

With the work schedule and busy life, it becomes a daunting task to keep your pet fit and healthy. However, with some motivation, you can fulfill this task in a few minutes. All you need to do is research multi-purpose indoor games.

Some games like Hide and Seek, Find The Treat, and Dog Puzzles are extremely interesting. Not only this, but they also keep your dog’s mental abilities intact.

You can easily manage both the pet as well as your work easily with such handy puzzles. When nothing seems to work, try out the old Tug Of War game to get your animal companion in the move. Refer to the games mentioned above and maintain the dog’s salubrity effortlessly.