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Cats are very proud animals and often lazy. They need the right form of motivation to keep them active throughout the day. Otherwise, a kitty might slowly walk around and sleep all day.

If you have an indoor cat, your house is everything for it. You need to find some ways for the cat to exercise and stay healthy. You don’t want your kitty to gain weight, as it is hazardous to its health. Obesity could even lead to serious diseases.

Luckily, there are countless ways you can try to make your cat more active. But you will need to get it used to these things. The reason is that not all indoor cats feel the need to move about. 

Here are eight things you can do to keep your cat active indoors.

Construct a Cat Tower

One of the best methods to get your cat moving is with a creatively constructed cat tower. These towers aren’t too high, and they don’t take up much space. Cats love to jump, stretch, climb, or even engage in scratching the tower itself.

All of these things will get its blood flowing. You can easily find multi-tiered towers for cats online or in-stores.

Alternatively, you could build one on your own if you’ve got the skills of a handyman. You can put a couple of these around the house and maybe one outside as well.

To give kitty some extra motivation, you could put treats on every level of the tower. You could set a pillow or blanket on top of the tower for the cat to jump up and get some rest.

Get Your Cat Moving For Treats

If you want to make your cat running around all day long, then you need to get some creative treat-filled toys. These toys encourage the cat to chase them around the place for a treat. Giving it some exercise and also feeding it.

You can take a look online or head down to the local store to browse the options. They are made of plastic, either soft or hard.

These toys are also partially transparent, to show the cat the treat inside. You can also get a bag of your kitty’s favorite treats to keep it filled up.

Take Your Kitty for a Walk

Sometimes, staying indoors is just not an option anymore. You need to take the cat outside for a walk. It could be in your backyard, around the neighborhood, or in a park, among other places.

But since you have an indoor kitty, you will need to be very careful. Most people have a harness or walk them outside on a lead. This can be excellent if you want your cat to explore the area while staying in your supervision. 

But your kitty might not like wearing a lead or harness, which is why you need to get it more comfortable wearing the gear first. It can be a great way to get some fresh air, and your cat won’t run too far away.

Build an Agility Course

If you want your cat to get excited and get the most exercise, then it might be useful to have a homemade or store-bought obstacle course in a part of the house. 

But you need to keep in mind that your cat doesn’t have any idea about what is going, which is why you need to start small. You can begin by putting a treat in a cat-friendly tube and getting your kitty to go for it. 

Once your cat is getting used to it, throw in a couple of ramps, weave poles, or other things to give your cat more of a challenge. Over time, your cat might be playing around the course all day looking for treats.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Cats are notorious for ruining everything around by sinking their claws and tears things apart. So why not get your cat some toys instead? Like other animals, cats also adore toys and love to play with them.

You can get wands, toys that look like bugs, and many other things that cats love. But remember, cats don’t play around lightly.  You need to have plenty of backup toys in case your kitty’s favorite gets ruined.

It might also be good to rotate the toys every month to make sure your cat doesn’t get bored.

Try the Clichés

The clichés are so-called for a reason. The reason is that they work. While you can spend all the money you like on good toys to keep your cat occupied, certain household items might just do the trick.

You might’ve seen cats playing around with a ball of yarn in the movies. Also, someone using a laser light or string to get a kitty moving.

You can try all three of these things to get your cat running around the house.

Get Your Kitty a Buddy

If your cat is not interested in playing around on its own, then it might be time to introduce it to another friendly cat. You can ask your neighbors or friends if they have any playful cats. Then, you can take your cat on a play date to their house, or invite them over. They will soon start wrestling or chasing each other around the house. 

You can also get another cat if it’s impossible. Having two cats in the same house increases the competition, and both of the kitties will do more to establish their authorities.

Purchase a Cat Wheel or Treadmill

You might’ve thought that wheels are only for hamsters, and treadmills are only for people, but that is not entirely true. You can get either one of these items for your cats. They seem to enjoy these things very much.

While a wheel shouldn’t be much trouble, you need to monitor your cat on a treadmill strictly. The reason is that it is an automatic machine, and your kitty can get injured.

You should start it off at the lowest rate to make your cat comfortable. Gradually increase the speed over sessions to give more of a challenge. 

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