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How Much To Feed An Outdoor Cat


If you own an outdoor cat, then chances are quite high that you are saving on the feeding costs. The main factor that causes this is that an outdoor cat is carnivores in nature. It always hunts mice and eats them in the wild. So in most cases, it feels well-fed even before giving it some food.


However, feeding in the wild might neglect the dietary needs of the cat. It is therefore important to give him some balanced food at home. So the question is, how much should you feed it? To find out more, read through this informative article.


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What are the factors to consider when determining how much food to feed your outdoor cat?


First of all, you have to get the opinion of your vet. Vets have all the information about the cat’s health and feeding habits. They should, therefore, be contacted first before any decision is made.


Secondly, there are factors to consider before settling on the amount of food to feed the cat. They include:


  1. The food type, that is whether dry food or wet food. The quantity consumed by the cat cannot be the same for both wet and dry food.
  2. The age. Older cats tend to consume less food as compared to younger cats. Kittens too consume a small amount at any given time.
  • The physical activity. Cats that do a lot of physical activity such as playing or running around tend to consume a lot of food as compared to those which sleep around.
  1. The weight too plays a bigger role in determining the amount of food to feed the cat.
  2. The number of nutrients that the cat should be fed with.
  3. Cats that are pregnant or nursing cats need more food.
  • The health of the cat.


It is worth to note that outdoor cats do not experience some problems such as weight issues. Running around helps them to build a lot of calories that would otherwise cause it to become obese. It may also not need a lot of wet food because it eats wild animals which are almost equivalent to wet food.


So how much food should I feed to my outdoor cat?


Here, let us assume that we have a cat which approximately 9 to 10 pounds on average. The said cat is also an adult, meaning that it is at the peak of its life. On average, such a cat would need food that would provide about 250 calories of energy in any given day.


Now, assuming each bowl of food given to a cat contains approximately about 30 or 40 calories. Then probably you will need to give the cat around seven to eight bowls of food on any given day. Due to this high amount of calories consumed by a cat on any given day, you need to train him to do a lot of physical activity.


Failure to which may lead to health complications and obesity. It should be left to do hunting and running around to minimize this negative effect of calories. You can also keep on hiding its food so that it can actively go round the house in search of it. This even helps him burn more calories and remain healthy over a long time.


Does the amount of food needed to feed a cat differ?


Yes, it defers depending on the above-listed factors. The service of the vet is needed all the time.


Is the wild food safe for cats?

Basically, the hunted food in the wild is very safe, healthy and nutritious. Cats that feed on wild food do have the best health. They only need the food at home as supplements, or just because they are trained to eat.


The only time when the food is harmful is when it eats a carcass. Animals that die on their own may harm the health of the cat. This is majorly attributed to the fact that such food is not fresh or even they might have died out of sickness.

What could be the reason that my cat is hungry all the time?

This is not a common phenomenon to a healthy cat. However, some cats suffer from a condition known as hyperthyroidism. This condition causes the thyroid gland to overreact. The overreaction causes the cat to experience this condition which is responsible for frequent hunger.


Cats with this condition lack energy despite a lot of eating. To know whether your cat is experiencing this condition, you will need to carry out some blood tests. Diabetes too can make your cat feel hungry all the time. To help mitigate this problem, you will need to inject the cat with insulin at recommended times.


Always let your cat be in constant touch with the vet since the above condition warrants so.

Can a cat overeat?

This is not a good idea in the first place as it may lead to obesity. However, when food is there all the time, the cat will eventually overeat. A good cat owner will actually train the cats to eat just the amount needed and at determined intervals. The cat can then be left to hunt on its own. This will make him do so exercise hence keeping fit all the time.




Cats eat a lot of food, though in little quantities. Many cats especially the outdoor ones feed in the wild. This means that they may require a small supplement at home. You are always reminded to be close to the cat’s doctor for any advice on the feeding habits.


Check the health of your cats quite often to ensure that they are healthy. Provide them with a balanced meal too. Finally, train them to be active all the time.


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