My Puppy Breathes Fast

Puppy Breathes Fast

Puppies breathe faster than adult dogs and adult dogs breathe faster than humans do, as a general rule. They breathe rapidly because they have a higher heart rate as a puppy and if they are dreaming, it may even be higher. Puppies will sleep a lot because that is when their little bodies are growing. … Read more My Puppy Breathes Fast

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Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit?

Dogs Eat Grapefruit

Citrus fruit isn’t necessarily bad for dogs but it can cause stomach upset in some dogs and should definitely be given with moderation. Foods that aren’t poisonous can still be bad to feed them and while some people argue that their dog loves certain foods like grapefruit, it brings into question the ethics of feeding … Read more Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit?

Can Dogs Eat Butter?

Dogs Eat Butter

Dog owners are confronted with decisions about what to share with their dogs almost every time they sit down to eat. Who can resist the sad eyes and the cute way our canine companions make us feel guilty for not sharing? How Do I Know What is Okay? The best course of action is to … Read more Can Dogs Eat Butter?

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno?

Dogs Eat Jalapeno

Dogs can eat just about anything and sometimes it seems like they are little, four-legged garbage men who follow kids around the house and eat whatever is dropped. Many dogs have an ‘eat now, ask questions later philosophy toward life, but is this safe? We’ll explore this and discuss the pros and cons of feeding … Read more Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno?

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