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Walking your dog is easily one of the most relaxing activities you can do. It’s a great chance for the two of you to bond while getting in a little personal fitness and outdoor time.

Daily walks are something that the majority of breeds need to stay healthy both physically and mentally, so when you adopt a dog is it a responsibility you need to be prepared to take on.

With all this said, maybe you are doing your daily walks together but you’re now looking to level up your walking gear. If that’s the case, we have a selection of useful, practical, and just plain fun items you can pick up.


Dog Walking Gear

Upgrade Your Dog’s Collar and Leash

One of the first steps you can take to upgrade your dog walking gear is to get a new collar and leash. Rather than just going with the standard options, give thought to the breed of your dog, what kind of walker they are, what will be safest and most comfortable for the dog, and what gives you the most control.

Where it used to be that a standard collar was the collar of choice, today, harnesses have become increasingly popular as they can offer better control yet don’t pull on your dog’s neck. Remember that the neck of your dog can be much more susceptible to injuries than you might believe.

We should also highlight that it is really important to never use collars or leashes that are not safe or not humane. For instance, there are still way too many dog owners that use collars with spikes, especially for the larger breeds. Do not use them, just like you should never use any type of shock collar.


Pack Snacks and Water to Go

If you like to go for long walks, hikes, or runs together, then it’s important you also think about a snack and a drink for your dog. This is especially important during the hot summer months. Be sure to look for travel-sized water bowls that can double as a food bowl.

The reason for this is that when the weather is hot, the dog will dehydrate much faster, just like it happens to humans. We realize that we need to drink water when this happens and we do so. But our dogs cannot actually tell us that they are thirsty. In fact, if the dog is very active, he will not even think about drinking until he sees the bowl with water.

When referring to snacks, make sure that you choose something that the dog really loves. This will help you to double snack time with training, which can only be beneficial in the long term.


How About SPF Protection for Your Dog?

You know how important it is for you to apply SPF protection to your own body when you head out into the sun, but what about your dog? For short-haired dogs, sunscreen should also be a consideration. Now here’s the key, you don’t want to use your own sunscreen on them as it contains toxic ingredients if they were to ingest that product. Instead, you need dog-friendly products that don’t contain PABA, zinc oxide, and fragrance. You also want to look for SPF 30 and higher.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you need to talk with your doctor in order to discuss whether or not it is a good idea to cut your dog’s hair in the first place. This is because several breeds have different types of hair. They are arranged in a way that helps regulate the dog’s body temperature.

The husky is the best example of this. If you cut a husky’s hair too short, it is a certainty that the dog will suffer much more than when his hair is left long. This is true even when faced with high heat.


The Perfect Clothing for Any Occasion

And just like you have walking clothing that you like to wear, the same can be said for dogs. You may want to invest in a rain jacket, parka, or a light sweater depending on the type of weather you walk in.

The great part of this is that there are so many clothing options available. Just look online at the offering of any pet store that has clothes in stock. You can choose something that is really cute or something classic. This is all up to you.


Don’t Forget Your Mask

Now depending on the state, you live in and its masking regulations, you may be advised or feel more comfortable to wear a mask outdoors in some areas still, such as crowded dog parks or crowded city streets. So, why not make your mask a fun nod to your dog with a themed option.

You can find dog-themed masks on sites like and ensure everyone knows just how much you love your dog. Obviously, the dog should never wear a mask. However, you should check the law to see if your dog breed is required to wear a muzzle in certain circumstances.


Establish A Routine

The last piece of advice we should mention is that dogs love routine. While they also love something new, when it comes to walking, establishing a routine is highly advantageous.

The dog will become more comfortable since he will know where to turn and will not even need to listen to your commands. This allows the dog to be much more focused on other things, like all those scents that he enjoys.


A More Enjoyable Walking Experience

By leveling up your dog walking gear, you’ll find you’re able to have a more enjoyable walking experience. And, as you can easily notice, there are countless things that you can do.

The only other thing that should be mentioned is that at the end of the day you want to make sure that both of you feel great. This is a lot simpler when you have a plan as you leave the home. Plan the dog walk.