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Many dog breeds exist and thousands and thousands of different mixes of them also exist.

Some are bred on purpose and some are just accidents and the product of stray getting together.

Let’s face it, you’d love to see a dalmatian husky mix if you’ve not already been lucky enough to see one.

Typically, they have long hair with some spots, like a dalmatian. It’s an interesting cross.

To understand what might present itself in personality and other traits, let’s take a closer look at each breed separately.


The Dalmatian

They were named after a place that was once known as Dalmatia, located in Central Europe, near the Asiatic Sea. The breed is thought to have originated in the 1800s and was originally known as a carriage horse. Dalmations were of the perfect height to run along underneath a carriage.

They had no fear of running with the carriages and this led them to being known as the firehouse dogs, because they would also run with the original horse-drawn fire engines of the 1800s.

They have excellent endurance, with the males being just slightly larger than the females. Their spots can be black or liver in color. When they are born, interestingly, they are solid white. The puppies will begin developing spots at about 3 to 4 weeks of age.


They will continue to develop spots as they grow. A highly prized dalmatian will have very round and separate spots. They can run together and form ‘patches’ which is not considered preferable. Breeders won’t breed these dogs in most cases. 

They have a very short, fine coat but it is thick and very shiny when healthy. They don’t require much care as far as grooming is concerned. They are a medium sized dog that will typically reach 19 to 24 inches at the wethers.

Some of the health issues that dalmatians are prone to are deafness, liver disease, and hip dysplasia. They may also suffer genetic issues such as retinal atrophy and skin allergies. Overall, they are medium sized breed that is light on their toes, intelligent and alert.


The Husky

Also known as the Siberian Husky, this breed is long-haired, with a thick double-coat. The Husky is a larger dog than the dalmatian, with even more stamina. The husky was bred to pull sleds across the ice and snow of Siberia, with the endurance to cover many miles in a day. These dogs are barely getting warmed-up at five miles.

They may have variations in color that range from black to copper, with the trademark mask and dark back with light underbelly. You may occasionally see an all white or all black husky. They are a robust breed, capable of withstanding incredibly cold temperatures, thanks to the double coat they have.

Husky and boy

The longer hairs on the top keep snow, dirt and debris away from the body, while the thick, downy undercoat adds insulation to keep the vital organs warm. 

Often confused with the Malamute, the husky is smaller, quicker on its feet with more distance endurance. The malamute is a strong, heavy-bodied dog that is built for pulling heavy loads but cannot match the endurance of the husky.


Combining the Two

Huskies are common dogs to breed to and so are dalmatians. Many people attempt to mix German Shepherds or wolves with Huskies to create a dog that is larger with the same look. With the dalmatian, people are simply trying to create a dog with spots. Pit bulls have been mixed with dalmatians to create a unique coat with muted spots, for example.

When you combine any two breeds, it’s a bit like taking a gene for hair from each dog, a gene for eyes from each dog, etc. You put them all in a pot and then randomly toss them out. A mix may have the dominant gene from either parent, or the recessive gene. It can happen either way sometimes. It’s interesting to see the puppies when they are born.

Sometimes every puppy in a litter will look like the father and not resemble the mother at all. Other times, each puppy will look completely different and have you wondering how many fathers there were.

Dalmatian Husky Mix

When you mix this particular pair, you could have a long-haired dog that is white with spots, or a short haired dog with blue eyes and a face mask like a husky. Sometimes, they will have muted colors of both, blended together. You could end-up with blue eyes, brown eyes, or one of each is possible.

You’ll have a grab bag as far as genes are concerned and you may also have genetic flaws from either breed. Typically, however, when you breed two different breeds together you have fewer genetic flaws and issues.

The reason for this is that you are simply drawing from a much larger gene pool and the odds of a bad gene making its way through are less likely. 

Mixed breeds, for this reason, tend to be quite healthy and robust. Natural selection just does a better job than we humans do at choosing which genes are superior.

This is the reason that mutts tend to be so healthy. They live for years and rarely have health issues. They’ve got an enormous pool of genes to pull from so they get the best of the best.


Caring for Your Dalmatian Husky Mix

Caring for this mix is no different than caring for any dog. It’s important to feed them the best food that you can find, within your budget. Not all foods cost a fortune and to be honest, some of the most expensive foods are not the best. Don’t let price be your guide.

Choose the food that has real ingredients without a lot of fillers. Unless your dog has a specific allergy, you don’t need a grain-free food. Just choose a good grain, like brown rice, to feed your dog. 

Make sure that you keep up to date on vaccinations. They are important to making sure that your dog doesn’t contract any deadly diseases such as parvo or distemper. Use flea and tick medications to ensure that they stay parasite free and this will also extend their life with you.

Taking care of nutrition is important and so are their basic needs like brushing and nail trimmings. Keep their coat well-brushed, especially if you have one of the mixes that got a thick coat. Double coats take more management as they will tangle easily and create hard knots to have to be cut out or picked out very carefully.

Knots in the fur can be painful to dogs because they continue to twist tighter until they are pulling at the skin. Neglected for too long and they can actually cause skin to tear and bleed. Daily grooming are recommended with thick-coated dogs.

Dalmatian Husky Mix

If you are one that got a shorter coat, more like the dalmatian, your job is much easier. These will only require a quick brushing every other day and when they get dirty, you can take a damp cloth and wipe them clean. The short coat is much easier to maintain.

Make sure that you always check between their toes, as this is going to be an active dog that gets into a lot of things on your daily runs. Check for splinters, thorns, pieces of glass and plastic too. They pick things up in their feet and if you check, you can hopefully catch it before it is lodged and causing pain.

Bubblegum is another unfortunate issue for the longer hair version. They step in it when inconsiderate people spit it out on trails. You’ll need an ice cube and scissors to get it out.



This is going to be an active mix, not really recommended for an apartment dweller unless you are highly active and take your dog with you.

This mix is going to need to do a lot of running and playing each and every day. Take a walk in the morning and in the evening is not going to keep this dog happy at all. When they are bored, they’ll be naughty.

If they have a ton of energy and are bored, you’re going to be sorry. 

This is an intelligent mix. Huskies are excellent at problem solving, with a propensity to open gates, locks, door knobs, etc. They are Houdini dogs and will escape almost anywhere that isn’t very well-secured.

Both breeds are relatively fearless, so they are prone to trying new things with zeal and they are very affectionate with their masters. They want to be with you at all times and will delight on going on adventures with you.

Hiking will be heaven for them. If you are a runner, they will love to hit the trails with you but make sure that you allow for their extra thick coat if you’ve got the long-coated version. Do your runs in the morning or late in the evening. 

Huskies have a bit of a sense of humor and will often howl along with you for fun. Dalmatians aren’t known for howling but will do what is called a ‘submissive grin ’ which is a breed trait that makes them look like they are smiling. This is a fun mix of two great breeds.

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