Cleaning Up Dog Hair

10 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

As a dog owner, you’ll already be aware of just how much your pet’s hair can get everywhere. It seems like dog owners are in a never ending battle to keep their home free from pet hair. 

Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Below, we’ve listed 10 simple tips that you can start using to make your job of removing dog hair and keeping your home clean easier. 


Regularly vacuuming your home is one of the simplest and most effective ways to remove dog hair. Since dogs are often roaming around the home on the floor, that’s the place where a lot of their hair ends up gathering. 

However, instead of going straight to vacuuming, SpotlessMag vacuum experts have put together a post on why dusting before you vacuum can be a much more effective cleaning method. 

Dusting surfaces is a great way to remove more dirt so that the vacuum can be more effective at sucking up smaller strands of pet hair and dirt. 

To make sure that your vacuum can be powerful at sucking up pet hair, you’ll want to check it regularly to make sure that none of the filters are clogged. 

Vacuuming Directions 

The direction in which you vacuum your floors is also an important factor to consider. Make sure that you vacuum over the same areas of your floor multiple times while going in different directions.

This is a fantastic way to ensure that you don’t miss any pet hairs that may have become stuck on your hard floors or deeper within your carpets. 


Vacuuming is one of the top ways to clean your home from pet hairs on carpets. While it’s also superb for getting rid of dog hair from hard floors, using a mop can be an even more effective method. 

We recommend that you dampen the mop to make it more effective at latching onto dog hair so that you can collect more of it. Be sure not to make the mop too wet to the point where it leaves puddles as this can be damaging, especially to hardwood floors. 

Microfiber Materials 

Microfiber materials are an excellent feature to think about when it comes to mopping and dusting your home to remove dog hair. This is because microfiber materials are more effective at capturing air that has become stuck on surfaces. 

Therefore, you’ll want to consider using a mop that enables you to fit a microfiber head to the end. 

Tape For Dog Hair On Clothes

If you’re sick of noticing dog hair on your clothes every time that you’re about to leave the house, there’s a simple trick that you can use to remove it from your clothes as soon as you notice it. 

You can use a strip of duct tape on areas of your clothes that have been gathered with dog hair. Alternatively, you could also use the more traditional lint rollers. Although, they tend to not last quite as long which can make them more of a hassle to continue purchasing. 

Use Sheets

Dogs love to claim certain areas of the house for napping. You can easily keep these spots free from pet hair by putting a cover over the space where they like to sleep or relax. This is an easy way to prevent your dog from accidentally damaging furniture or floors while also minimizing their odors from lingering in certain areas. 

Be sure to keep a range of sheets handy so that you can throw one into the wash and simply replace it with another in the meantime. 

Rubber Gloves 

If you’ve been having a difficult time removing dog hair from upholstery, using this rubber glove technique could be a game changer. 

Put the rubber gloves on and dampen them slightly with water. You can then run your hands across upholstery and fabric that has gathered with pet hair. You may be surprised to find just how much pet hair you can remove in each sweep.

When the rubber gloves have no more free space to collect dog hair, you can simply rinse them under a tap and repeat the process until you’re happy with how much hair you’ve removed from various surfaces. 

Dusting Spray & Furniture Polish

Removing dog hair from wooden furniture can be a little tricky when it comes to the more stubborn pieces of hair. An easier way to get rid of dog hair from wooden furniture is to use an anti-static spray or furniture polish.

These products make it easier for you to remove the hair from furniture and preventing any of it from sticking back down. Using these sprays on wooden furniture after you’ve cleaned them can also prevent dog hairs from sticking so easily. 

Cleaning Air Ducts 

Dog owners who are noticing lots of pet hair around their home despite regularly cleaning it may want to look into getting their air ducts cleaned. Lots of pet dander and hair can get trapped in air ducts where they can be circulated throughout your home more often. 

The more regularly you have your air ducts cleaned, the more dog hair you’ll be able to prevent from being blown around your home for you to be constantly cleaning up. 

Air Purifiers

Another great way to alleviate the quantity of dog hair from being airborne in your home is to install an air purifier. Air purifiers can be excellent for capturing pollutant particles in the air (such as pet hair and dander) and removing them before releasing the clean air back out. 

This can be awesome for ensuring that fewer pieces of pet hair are airborne which can make a big difference in how often you clean your home. When too much pet hair is in the air, it lands back down on furniture and floors which means you have to spend more time cleaning it up.

Using an air purifier can prevent these pieces of hair from being airborne so that there’s less for you to clean.


So, that concludes our post on how to clean up dog hair in your home. You can start implementing the above tips to be more successful at keeping your home free from too much dog hair.

Another tip that can help to prevent you from having to clean up so much dog hair is to brush them a couple of times a week. This can prevent stray hairs from becoming loose and dropping to the ground over time.