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CBD seems to be the buzzword in the health and well being world with it being recommended to treat a variety of conditions in humans from insomnia all the way through to managing pain associated with cancer, but can it be used to treat conditions that we see in our pets?

Well, whilst the research is still coming in, many sites are recommending cbd oil already. Fortunately and the early answer is suggesting yes, we can use it to help our pets.


CBD for Anxiety In Cats and Dogs

Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety in dogs can be a destructive, awful condition that in some cases can be so severe that they are unable to be left on their own. It can result in them barking none stop, feet biting, spinning and even destroying your home.

The manifestation of this can also happen outside of the home with your dog becoming extremely frightened and threatening to bite. Regardless of if it is ongoing anxiety or situational anxiety, CBD may be a good option.

How Can CBD Help Your Dog?

When the compound CBD meets the receptors in the canine brain, the impact is similar to that felt by humans. It produces a calming effect, which instantly relieves stress and makes your dog feel far more comfortable about the situation they are in.

You may notice the effects of CBD within 5 minutes of giving it to your dog, in larger breeds this can take a few days but don’t be discouraged as you will eventually see the physiological change. Your dog will become less tense, their tail will no longer be under them and they will uncurl their lip.

It is important to be consistent with CBD dosing to ensure the amount in your dog’s blood stream remains at a constant level so your pet feels the full effect of the CBD.

Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety in cats can be a little bit more difficult to spot as they are often more stoic than dogs, but there are a few signs and symptoms to look out for.

If your cat has always been distant and likes to hide, this is could be a sign of anxiety rather than fear, likewise if they are obsessively cleaning, this can be anxiety too. Cats can suffer from situational anxiety or a prolonged bout that can be caused by a variety of things, some cats don’t get anxious with upheaval, whereas others can.

How Can CBD Help Your Cat

Just like with dogs, CBD can help reduce the physiological responses to anxiety. A reduction in these physiological responses in anxiety help to reduce the overall anxiety.

Physiological responses can be that your cat is exceptionally tense, dilated pupils and looks as though they are in hunt mode. When you give your cat CBD you will see a reduction in these responses and your cat will become calm and more willing to be near you and be touched.

Again, consistency is the key when it comes to giving your cat CBD. You want to maintain a good blood level so that if they are faced with a situation that has previously brought on anxiety attack, they are able to manage the situation as the level of CBD in the blood has stabilised.


Final Thoughts

It is always worth consulting your vet prior to you engaging in treatment for your animals, but the evidence is showing that treating cats and dogs with CBD can be extremely beneficial if they are suffering from acute anxiety.

It may take longer to appear in some breeds of dogs due to their size, but for both dogs and cats you want to be consistent with the dosing to ensure the best possible results.

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