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5 CBD Facts You Need to Know

CBD is a relatively new word in households, but it is gaining rapid support as people learn about it. You may hear your elderly neighbor telling you that she is using it for arthritis pain to help her get through that hip replacement she had done last year.

At the gym, you are likely to run into someone who is using it to recover after heavy weight days or after a marathon run. Now you are starting to get very curious about CBD oil and you have questions. Check the must know CBD Facts.

5 important facts that you should know about CBD:

1. In December of 2018, the president signed into law the Farm Bill of 2018. This bill explicitly states that it is no longer illegal to possess hemp or hemp products and it opens up farming of hemp in a way that it never has been since hemp was criminalized in 1937. Hemp, being a part of the cannabis family, was made illegal.

This was likely the doing of the lumber and cotton industries. Both of them stood to lose fortunes if hemp was used for paper products and clothing, both of which it is excellent for. Sadly, hemp is biodegradable and renewable. It is a source that is renewable without having to chop down forests that take years to grow back. Hemp crops grow in a matter of weeks and therefore is beneficial to the planet and the people of this planet, possibly more than any other crop in the history of the planet.


2. CBD is predominantly extracted from hemp, but it is possible to get CBD oil that is extracted from Cannabis sativa – the crop grown for marijuana. This type of oil is not legal to buy online, nor should it be sold but some websites exist illegally. This type of oil has more than .05% THC and can be much higher.

THC is the compound that causes the psychoactive effect on the brain, as when marijuana is smoked or ingested. CBD from hemp will not impair your cognitive ability and contains less than .03% THC when being marketed and sold legally. These minute traces of THC are not enough to cause a high and typically won’t trigger a drug test positive result, but this isn’t a guarantee.


3. CBD comes in many types. Full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from all parts of the plant and will contain some of all the cannabinoid compounds present in the plant. THC is filtered to a low level but all the other cannabinoid compounds (some 112) are present in typical CBD oil. CBD isolate is extracted with molecular technology and is nothing but CBD, there are no other cannabinoids present.

This isn’t always the best solution for those with certain conditions. It is believed that CBD works jointly with other cannabinoids to perform some functions. Epileptics, for example, respond better to full-spectrum CBD rather than isolate. This is called the ‘entourage effect’ and because of this, the people who use isolate are those who must pass drug tests and need to be sure there is zero THC in their CBD.


4. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is expected to reach sales of $22 Billion dollars over the next several months, into early 2021. Several small companies are launching stock right now. In the first three months of 2019, some of these companies have already seen 300% increases in stock. The hemp industry is set to expand like a hot air balloon. Many stock analysts on Wall Street are telling people that this is the hot industry to buy into because it is going to be the next Amazon.

If you missed-out on the early days of Amazon or Microsoft, this could be your next chance to get in on the ground floor of a billion-dollar industry. There are many trading platforms that you can get signed-up on that don’t even charge commissions or fees. Try Robinhood.com for a free trade platform. You can buy your first stocks within minutes. In fact, sign-up and get your first stock free at Robinhood.


5. CBD oil will begin working with minutes and very noticeably so for the majority of people. It is often recommended by doctors and seems to work for a huge variety of symptoms. It isn’t a cure for anything, but it has an ability to naturally relieve the symptoms of many chronic conditions and auto-immune diseases. People with cancer are getting a boost to their immune system from the antioxidants in CBD oil that seems to have an ability to reduce the size of tumors.

CBD given immediately following a stroke, or taking as a daily supplement before a stroke, can help protect your neural network and keep you from suffering with brain damage. As a neuroprotectant, CBD can help you to not lose your memories to Alzheimer’s as quickly, prolonging the ill-effects of the disease from taking your life from you.

Is CBD a Miracle?

CBD is sometimes called a miracle but in reality, it is simply a plant compound that has been used for at least 6000 years that we are aware of, thanks to pottery found with remnants of hemp in it.



Whether it was used as a food source, an herbal remedy or as a textile from which clothing could be produced, hemp is just a naturally occurring product that the earth has provided for us to use to enhance our lives. It’s renewable, it’s great for the planet and it is now available in fifty states and in many other countries.

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