CBD Entourage Effect

What is the CBD Entourage Effect?

Is it a television show? Good guess but this isn’t what we are talking about when we speak of the CBD entourage effect. Let’s bring you up to speed so that you understand the entourage effect.

Entourage effect of CBD

1. CBD is a compound that is in the cannabis plants you have likely heard of. Cannabis refers to a family of plants and when we speak of CBD, we are predominantly talking about CBD oil extracted from hemp. The other cannabis plant you are familiar with would be Sativa, which is the cannabis plant used to grow marijuana buds from.  These buds contain THC, which is also a compound in cannabis, found in higher concentrations in sativa. Sativa is used for medical marijuana and CBD oil labeled as marijuana oil or Marijuana CBD oil. This is only legally purchased through marijuana dispensaries that are located in states that have legalized medical marijuana. CBD from hemp will only contain less than .03% THC, making it impossible to get high from.

2. CBD and THC are only 2 of 112 cannabinoid compounds in cannabis plants. There are also other compound present that are plant compounds (phytocompounds) but they are cannabinoids, which have a particular molecular structure. When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, the other cannabinoids are also present in the extraction, with lower levels of THC. When people began using CBD, they felt that only CBD was responsible for helping with their pain levels or the lack of seizure activity they experienced. As time went on, different extraction methods were developed and eventually it became possible for CBD to be molecularly separated, creating a product that was 100% CBD and no other cannabinoids. When those with epilepsy used this pure CBD oil, they found that they had more seizures. In studying this, science decided that in order to function in a way that stopped seizures, CBD needed the presence of the other cannabinoids as well. This become known as the Entourage Effect and it may not impact all chronic diseases, but it likely does. CBD oil works better when all of the other cannabinoids are present, and they work as a team.

3. Scientists are studying the other cannabinoids individually to see what they can do on their own. There is a lot that is still unknown about the other cannabinoids. There may be benefits yet to be discovered and it may be possible that a specific percentage of each cannabinoid can be combined into special remedies that will lead to medicines later on. There is already one FDA approved medicine for epileptics which has CBD (Cannabidiol) as its active ingredient – Epidiolex. This drug has helped millions of people who were unable to get their seizures under control before, with other prescription drugs. The future of the other cannabinoids and combinations of them is extremely exciting.

4. The Entourage Effect is also referred to as ‘whole plant medicine’ because of the way that you are utilizing all of the compounds together. Even in CBD oil, there is a small amount of THC, which may be necessary to perform all functions that we take it for. This chart is the most amazing visual aid to show you what cannabinoids work best for which symptoms. A lot of people wonder which product or products will be best for them and this chart can help you have a look. Obviously, if you live in a state where medical marijuana is not available, then CBD is your next best option, but you’ll be able to see if CBD Isolate (molecular separation) or full spectrum (also known as whole plant CBD) is best for you.

5. Terpenes are the naturally occurring scent and flavors in the plants. Other plants, besides cannabis plants, have terpenes. It’s thought that the terpenes are a natural defense against bugs because the strong odor is pungent, and the taste of the plant is also not one that bugs enjoy either. Some people don’t like the taste either, which is why they mix their CBD oils in with drinks or foods. Tinctures that are flavored can help to mask the flavor of strong terpenes but remember that those terpenes are part of what makes it all work. It is believed, by scientists, that the terpenes combine with the cannabinoid compounds to create a powerful force.

Whole plant medicine

While this is all a general description of the Entourage Effect, it is also known as ‘whole plant medicine’ by many and it can be a very deep subject with much to learn. For more information on the science of the Entourage Effect, click here.

If you’ve tried CBD oil and it didn’t seem to work well for you, it may have been the type of oil that you were using. It could even have been the milligrams that you were using also. For most issues, a minimum of 30mg per dose is necessary to even begin to work.

If you have a great deal of pain, then you’ll likely need a higher dosage. Instead of a 500mg bottle of CBD oil, try a 1000mg bottle.

You can find CBD oil as high as 25,000mg per bottle. That’s an extreme amount and isn’t meant to take incredibly high doses. It’s actually meant to give you a concentration that only requires you to take a few drops per dose, instead of entire droppers full of oil.

You have many options, but for now, it seems to be in your best interest to make sure that you are using a whole plant oil, such as full-spectrum CBD oil.

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