Auggie Dog

31 Fun Facts About Auggie Dogs 2020 – An Interesting Overview

This is a designer breed dog but don’t let that fool you, they are active and can be excellent working dogs, though a bit on the small size. They’re smart, good-natured, and very fast. We’d like to share some specific information with you, so here are some interesting facts about Auggie Dogs.


Auggie Dog


31 Must Read Fun Facts About Auggie Dogs

1. First of all, their name can be Auggie, Augie, Augi, Aussie Corgi or any other variance on those things. There are many ways to spell it and none of them are really wrong because this is not a pure breed dog. Someday it might be and if so, that’s when it will have an officially recognized spelling.

2. This is not a good dog for apartment dwellers.  They are very high-energy dogs that require a place to run. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can become very destructive. Auggie Dogs aren’t generally bad chewers — no worse than any other breed of dog — but a bored Auggie can chew your shoes, your wallet, and your glasses if they find themselves full of pent-up energy.

3. If you wonder just how much does the Auggie Dog shed, let’s just say that the dust bunnies under your sofa may start becoming dust bears. They shed year-round but they go through a very heavy spring shed, during which time you might see fur floating through the house. How much do Aussies shed? We’re just saying, be prepared to take them to a groomer to have their coat blown out. It will help dramatically.

4. How big do Auggie dogs get? They will be roughly 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulders and they’ll weigh less than 30 pounds, but typically are heavier than 20 pounds. Auggie dogs are a small dog and this is why people often think they’ll be great apartment dogs. Nope, not unless you enjoy watching a dog tear your pillows apart and climb your curtains.

5. Aussie dogs have a very thick coat. This makes them a bit more demanding when it comes to grooming. As we mentioned, Auggies do shed a lot. They need daily brushing and this will help with shedding. They’re also more difficult to bathe because it takes a lot of work to get them wet down to the skin and then to rinse them once lathered. Don’t use too much soap or you’ll be rinsing them for half an hour. We’re only slightly kidding here.

6. Auggie dogs have great personalities. They’re brilliant and happy dogs that love to be part of the family. They can get along very well with children and they enjoy being with their pack. If you go somewhere, they’ll really love going with you too. This isn’t a dog that likes being left home alone all day.

7. A big positive about Auggie Dogs is that they don’t drool to speak of. All dogs can drool sometimes, but breeds that do this regularly can be really hard to keep in the house because they just drool all over everything. Auggies don’t do that, so your pants are usually safe!

8. Auggies are prone to gaining too much weight if you overfeed them and don’t give them adequate exercise. They really need to run for at least an hour each day. Run. Not walk. Also, make sure that you are feeding them the appropriate amount of food each day. When dogs get too heavy they can have back pain and that’s no fun at all. It can also cause severe health problems as they age.

9. Luna, Bella, Charlie, and Bailey were the top four dog names of 2019. Make sure that your Auggie dog names are more creative to change this list for 2020. Perhaps Corona will be the most popular name of 2020? No matter what it is, we’re sure that you’ll come up with something more creative for your Auggie!

10. One of the easiest dogs to train, the Auggie Dog is superior in intellectual capability. It’s a well-known fact that herding dogs tend to be some of the brightest dog breeds, with the Border Collie constantly being rated in the top spot. Auggies are born from two herding breeds, typically the Welsh Pembroke Corgi and the Miniature Australian Shepherd.

11. The Auggie can be a little intense for some people. They are very driven because that is in their breeding. They are a working breed mix of two dogs that work hard. This means they are a little driven to stay busy doing something. These dogs make great agility dogs, flyball dogs, frisbee dogs, and more. They like to have a job to do. They could potentially drive you crazy with a ball in their mouth at all times, asking you to throw it.

12. Auggie dogs are extremely loyal dogs. They will make excellent watchdogs. They don’t necessarily attack intruders, but they are watchful and will let you know when something is amiss. They will bark and be somewhat protective of their flock, which might be you and your family.

13. They can learn to herd and many people start teaching herding dogs with ducks or geese. These fowl will naturally flock together and the herding dogs learn which moves they do to cause the animals to do their reactions. You might even take your Auggie to a herding school and compete with other herding dogs for fun. It’s a fantastic way for both of you to have fun and get exercise.

14. They can swim too. So much rolled up into such a great dog. Auggie dogs are pretty decent swimmers and will love going boating with you or doing dock diving for retrieves. It should be noted that not all herding dogs enjoy playing fetch. It depends largely on how high their prey drive is. Dogs with high prey drive love to chase a ball and play fetch.

15. You don’t have to purchase your pup from an Auggie breeder. There are rescues and sometimes they can be found in local pounds and rescues. Put out the word and do some online research and you might find an Auggie looking for a home right in your area. If you do need to find a breeder, do some research to make sure that you are dealing with a great person who treats their dogs well and knows all there is to know about Auggies.

16. Auggies can come in many different colors or patterns. They could be blue merle, red merle, black tricolor, or even the solid sable of the Corgi. Corgis can also be a black tri-color so many Auggies come out with this coloring. They’ll be mostly black with white on their stomach and parts of their legs with some brown to mahogany-colored points. They are very beautiful dogs, no matter what color or pattern they are.

17. If you have a merle Auggie Dog, please do not attempt to breed it with another merle dog. Breeding merle to merle can cause defects such as blindness and deafness, sometimes known as lethal white dogs because they are born with more white or all white, which is not considered normal.

18. In the winter, an Auggie can have a coat that doubles in thickness. This is why they shed so badly in the spring as the weather begins to warm. They will shed moderately the rest of the year too though. It is really important that you understand that these dogs need daily brushing. It will also help them to avoid painful tangles too.

19. The Corgi is a dog that originated in Wales while the Australian Shepherd (contrary to what the name implies) is an American breed. Both dogs are low in stature but the Corgi is barrel-shaped on top of shorter legs. The miniature Aussie that is used to breed Auggie Dogs is a more balanced dog in stature, with a smaller waistline. Don’t forget to watch your Auggie’s weight though.

20.  Auggie dogs are so smart that you’ll feel like they are reading your mind. What they are really doing is reading your body language and cues. They learn your habits and your movements faster than other dogs because they are a herding breed and that is what they are best at.

21. There are two types of Corgis — the Pembroke and the Cardigan, both of Welsh descent. The Cardigan has a tail, while the Pembroke doesn’t. Australian Shepherds do not sport a tail either, which means Auggie Dogs don’t have tails either.

22. Auggies are great family dogs. If you have small children, they’ll be great with them. You will have to do some training with a young herding dog, however, to teach them not to nip. This is a herding dog trait because nopping is how they move larger animals that don’t want to move. Dogs forget that we humans are more thin-skinned than cattle.

23. This is a robust dog that tends to be very healthy. They can have health issues, just like all breeds can, but they are more often than not in great health and very energetic.

24. Auggie Dogs are pretty affordable compared to other designer breeds. You can find an Auggie in the neighborhood of $600 to $800. Just make sure you check the rescue organizations near you to find out if there is one available from them first. You could save a dog and some money!

25. The lifespan of both parent breeds is relatively long, so you can expect your Auggie to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years of age. That is approximate and he may live even longer if you take good care of his health and weight.

26. This dog’s scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiaris. It’s a Latin name given to their genus.

27. Sometimes people call them stubborn because they can be strong-willed dogs. This is because herding dogs are bred to1think for themselves and your Auggie will also be somewhat of a freethinker. Spend plenty of time with foundation training and you and your Auggie will get along much better.

28. Auggie Dogs can often have one or two blue eyes. Many times, the Australian Shepherd has an eye of each color — brown or blue. Sometimes the single blue eye is referred to as a ‘ghost eye’ by some people. They see just fine and have no vision problems from having eyes of two different colors, so don’t worry if your dog has one of each color.

29. Auggie pups are typically fuzzy little balls of fluff with loads of energy. They are energetic and need to be watched very closely when you bring them home. They can get into things very quickly.

30. Corgi ears usually stand up and Australian Shepherd’s ears are flopped over but not very long. An Auggie could have any combination thereof. One ear might stand while the other doesn’t. This is simply an endearing trait that makes them all that much more lovable. They hear the same, whether ears are erect or flopped over.

31. All dogs need training and time. Auggies are no exception. They do best with positive rewards and they will learn very quickly if you start teaching them at a young age. Auggies love to learn new things and they will absorb new training like a sponge absorbs water.


No matter what type of dog you find yourself in the care of, it needs your time and attention. They need patience and positive reinforcement. A dog is a lifetime commitment. 12-15 years is a long time, but they are gone too soon.


Auggie Dog


Once you love a dog, the years fly by so fast that you will suddenly become aware that they are now considered a ‘senior’ dog at the age of 7 or 8. By the time they are 10, they will be growing gray hairs on their face and they may not run as fast as they used to. One thing is for certain though, they will love you just as much as the very first time they licked your face or fell asleep on your chest.



A dog really is man’s best friend. So loyal and loving that they don’t care how foul your mood may be. They don’t care what your hair looks like or how you scored on a test at school.


Auggie Dog


They’re just happy to see you. Perhaps the expression that sums it up best is that your world is often focused on things that are outside of your home, but to your dog, you are the center of his entire life, his purpose, and his joy. Keep him, love him, and care for him, even in old age.


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