How Long Do Boxers Live?

How Long Do Boxers Live

Man’s best friend, the dog, stands by us through thick and thin. We enjoy taking our canine family members with us on outings, vacations, and just when we are out for a drive. Sadly, the experience is cut short due to the shorter life span of the dog. Different breeds tend to have a different … Read more How Long Do Boxers Live?

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Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice?

Dogs Eat Brown Rice

Fiber is an essential part of any diet, whether for humans or for animals, Without the proper fiber, the bowels have a far more difficult time doing their job. In fact, fiber is essential to maintain healthy bowels. What Role Does Fiber Play in Dog Food? Fiber is a key element in a balanced diet … Read more Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice?

The Mini Sheepadoodle

mini sheepadoodle

What in the heck is a Sheepadoodle? It is a designer dog breed when one of many types of breeds is often crossed with a poodle to create a ‘doodle’ and the name reflects the cross/mix. While designer dogs don’t always include poodle in their mix, they are the more common mix as people are … Read more The Mini Sheepadoodle

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Can Cats Eat Raspberries?

Cats Eat Raspberries

Like many things, raspberries are okay if your cat has one or two, perhaps even a dozen of them? More than that, however, can cause an upset stomach and be problematic. This can happen with too much of anything. Additions to the diet should always be in moderation, not just for cats, but for dogs … Read more Can Cats Eat Raspberries?

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Does a Husky Shed?

Husky Shed

There are over 300 different breeds of dogs and many mixes thereof. There are dogs with long coats of fur and dogs with fur that is sleek and hardly covers their skin. Some dogs have double coats and some dogs have no hair at all on most or parts of their body, like the Mexican … Read more Does a Husky Shed?

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Do Pomsky Dogs Shed?

Pomsky Dogs

What is a Pomsky? A Pomsky is a cross-bred dog, half Siberian Husky and half Pomeranian. Sometimes this mix is referred to as a designer dog, or designer breed. This terminology has become more common as mixing dog breeds to create smaller versions of large breeds and poodle mixes of dogs that will have less … Read more Do Pomsky Dogs Shed?

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